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Belle in French symbolizes beautiful and extraordinary things. Bellez, a word extended from Belle, adheres to the principle of beauty creation to make the brand unique and diverse and pursue the essence of exquisite fashion.

The company founder, Andy Liu, loved golfing when he was living in Australia. He noticed that the golf apparel and accessories tended to be low-profile and elegant in styles, and that he was inspired to inject enthusiasm elements into the sport to create uniqueness, making this sport even more energetic and fun. Bellez, therefore, was born. With the experience in the manufacturing and sales of hardware, he developed the structures of removable belt and buckle, patented them and introduced the Made in Taiwan belts. He worked with experienced technical teams to achieve high-quality craftsmanship and used a variety of colors to develop diverse products, allowing the customers to enjoy the fun in personalization.

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With golf, we seek a balance between style and the essence of sport, and that a classic sport is given a new life with elegance and confidence.Bellez Style symbolizes a charming attitude toward life, and that it constantly bonds with self-confidence and excellence hard to ignore.


To give the elegant golf sport a new life, the design team at Bellez carefully selects the calfskin from Argentina and implements light coating, scraping and environmentally friendly process, and that the artisans participate in the production. The strict and complicated process allows every belt with natural grain and texture show the highest level of craftsmanship. Rich colors are blended in to give originality and aesthetics to you who has the unique taste.


The “Double Fun” series is a buckle patent unique to Bellez. The creativity in replaceable buckle and the two colors on the two sides of the belt allows you to pair with colors and styles in every important moment, so that the mix and match philosophy can exist in every situation and show your unique taste.

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Wear elegance and be prepared to win your world with your charm.