Peter Thomson was born on August 23, 1929 in Melbourne, Australia and he got his nickname as “The Melbourne Tiger”. He was unquestionably the greatest Australian golfer of all-time and is considered as one of the finest links golfers.

It is quite amazing that Thomson started playing golf when he was 12 years old, and at age 13 he became a member of Royal Park with a handicap of 20. After two years he won the club championship and by age 16, he became a member of the renowned Victorian GC.

Moreover Peter Thomson studied and became an industrial chemist and later took a work at Spalding; however, he gave it up in 1949 to turn into a professional golfer. For his social work, he also pursued his interest in rehabilitating drug addicts and assisted in opening the Melbourne Odyssey House.

In his best years in golf, Peter Thomson had an impressive record of becoming a champion of the British Open four times, was second for two times and also won sixth twice. Moreover in the next decade, he got a fifth Open title in 1965 and added nine other top 10 finishes in the tournament. Peter Thomson seldom played in the United States, including the majors; however, he got a fourth-place at the Masters and finished fifth at the U.S. Open.

Peter Thomson’s Golf Fashion Statement

Many great Australian golfers prefer plain, close-fitting clothes and thorough when it comes to details which are the trademarks of men with splendid style. And Peter Thomson is no exception when he competes in any golf tournament and even in any decade he is playing of his active golf career. His fashion statement is enduring and simply realistic.

Hence whatever your apparel you are wearing, it should have a good fit to your body. Peter Thomson’s trouser is thin, not taut, and it reaches properly just above his shoes. Its trouser’s leg opening is adequately large to wrap a portion of his shoelaces, but it’s definitely not going to surround his entire foot.

As a typical guideline, trouser should be, in most cases, darker than your shirt, but it may vary in accordance to your preference. During colder days Peter Thomson’s trousers are matched with turtleneck and sweater having of lighter colour. Moreover coating is one of the best methods to keep you warm especially during the fall season.

It’s quite uncomfortable to wear hulking and slack shirts because you will not only appear larger but it will limit your movement. Furthermore a foundation coat and a sweater will make your swinging simple and effortless throughout the tournament.

Classical Peter Thomson’s Golf Shoes

With the current improvement of golf shoes technology it will spell the difference between winning and losing a game. One of the most vital golf footwear is a pair of high-quality and environment-friendly shoes which will adapt to the terrain of the golf course and permit you to take pleasure in your playing time in the course.

Quite a number of golfers can still walk through the great distance in the course without feeling some problems in their feet. And Peter Thomson is very meticulous about selecting the kind of shoes to wear offered by various golf shoes manufacturers.

His main criteria in choosing the golf shoes is the type of shoes which will enable him to enhance and help in his game especially during major golf tournaments where the best players in the world are participating. And not to mention the style of the shoes but he is also considering the shoe design where it has sole, spike and water-resistant technology which can meet any type of harsh condition in the golf course.

There two major and commonly used golf shoes of most champion golfers as follows:

1) Spiked Golf Shoes

The typical spiked golf shoes provide style, comfort, breathability, water- resistant and traction. And to choose the suitable pair of golf shoes you should base it on your personal preference and the kind of result you’re expecting.

Some of the criteria that you need to meet in choosing golf shoes include waterproof, all weather-conditions usage, lightweight, colour, soft or metal spikes. You’ll be amazed that all these products with these requirements are now available in today’s market.

One of the main advantages of spiked golf shoes is its stability that it can provide whenever you make your swing through superior grip. This is due to the fact that the shoes are probably to be steady during this movement.

2) Spikeless Golf Shoes

One of the new advancements in the golf shoes manufacturing is the introduction and the customer-acceptance of the spikeless shoes. These have been basically planned for comfort, style, lightweight and flat-soled. Many of these shoes use rubber studs instead of the conventional golf spikes which provide the advantage of being perfect for firm surfaces like the driving range.

Image result for picture of spikeless golf shoes

Amazingly there is now an upward trend for professional golfers wearing the spikeless shoes even during major tournaments. Quite a number of them use these shoes for the style and comfort which can help sustain foot pain; hence, they are not just for casual wear.

Although the disadvantage of spikeless shoes are having lower stability, grip and waterproofing characteristics. And during rainy days its moulded soles will give lower grip in longer and wet grasses.

Being fashion-oriented, it has been observed that Peter Thomson used the spiked golf shoes during the earlier part of his golfing career and subsequently has tried the spikeless shoes in the recent years.

Typical Peter Thomson’s Accessories

Being one of the top Australian golfers of all time, Peter Thomson has been admired by his golf fans. He could not afford not to dress up during major golf tournaments as many people are following him and becoming a model to them.
One of the things for him to look awesome and to enhance his fashion statement is to wear some accessories. Some of the most common fashionable accessories which Peter Thomson is using are as follows:

1. Belt Sets

This accessory may not be conspicuously seen from the spectators’ perspective because this is usually covered with the shirt hanging over it. However there are occasions when Peter Thomson is wearing shirt which is tucked in his trouser; thus, becoming evident the belt that he is wearing.

Some of the few popular belt sets which are used by top Australian golfers including Peter Thomson are as follows:

• Nike Swoosh Cutout Print Reversible Belt

The Nike Swoosh Cut-out print reversible leather belt has two sporting designs on either side of Volt and Patchwork. It has also two diverse colours on either side which comprised of matte leather for a varied style and sturdy toughness. Its huge swoosh buckle with a matte black finish is guaranteed to give you a prominent figure from the crowd.

• Bellez Double Fun Ibelt Diamond 40 MM – Wasabi Green Belt

Bellez Double Fun iBelt Diamond 40mm - Wasabi Green Belt

The Bellez Style emblems offer a pleasant life outlook and a combined self-confidence and an exceptional stature in every occasion. Its design, although low profile is described as stable, focused, brilliant and enthralling which is not possible to overlook. And with the distinctive design and various colours, you’ll be able to select your outfit for any occasion you’re attending.

2. Caps
Golfers’ caps are very essential for players in the golf course especially during summer days as this will give protection to their face from the heat of the sun. This will also reduce the glare which may affect the vision of the player. Some of the common caps used by top Australian golfers are as follows:

• Bellez Logo Polo Mesh Cap Navy Blue

Bellez Logo Polo Mesh Cap - Black

Bellez Style emblems give a pleasant life attitude which provides poise and astonishing look in every event. Moreover it is created with an unbiased, determined, dazzling and captivating form, yet considered as low profile but not viable to disregard.

• Lacoste Large Croc with Leather Strap

Lacoste Large Croc with Leather Strip golf cap is necessary for every sporty event which features a huge croc logo. Its 100% cotton is very effective during hot weather, and it has also variable self-strap with metal buckle shutter. Its croc signature size is 8 cm which is placed at the centre, and is strongly recommend for hand washing only.

• Cobra Pro Tour Sport Mesh

The Cobra Pro Tour Sport Mesh has flex-fit and pre-curved bill, and its Cobra logo is 3D-embroidered. Furthermore its FLY Z and COBRA Snake on back are embroidered, and its material compositions are 55% Polyester, 43% Nylon and 2% PU Spandex.

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