Why Australian Golfers Succeed?


In today’s modern world most countries are striving not only to survive but also to obtain competitive advantage over their counterparts.  Hence many of them are revising their strategies and processes to achieve success. This is also true in sports, like golf where many Australian golfers are gearing for a successful campaign not only in local competition but also abroad.

What is Golf?

Typical Golf Course

Golf is a kind of sport which uses club and ball and is played in a green-grass course with a coordinated chain of either 9 or 18 or 36 holes. This can be played simultaneously by many participants and each of them is using a variety of clubs to strike the ball with the aim of knocking the ball into a series of holes in the golf course.

A tee box is installed in every playing field of the golf course as the starting point and a corresponding putting green which encloses the actual hole. Each participant is striving to finish the game with the least strokes as possible to become the winner of the match.

Generally there are no standard types of hazards in a golf course but most of them include water obstacles such as lakes and rivers, and man-made barrier such as bunkers. Each hole on the course is different in its arrangement and design.

Usually the length from the tee box to the hole in the putting green differs depending on the design of the course. In some cases the hole may not be visible from the tee box due to its design which has an angle either towards the left or right.

Furthermore golf is played with the least number of strokes by a participant wherein it is commonly known as stroke play. Moreover the lowest score in all the holes of an entire round by a participant or team is called match play. One of the most desired stroke outcomes of each player is to have a hole-in-one.

Who Plays Golf?

Golf is a type of game which can be easily played by people of all ages and both genders because this is not a strenuous game. Nowadays it becomes an exercising tool to obtain a healthy and well conditioned body.

Research shows that quite a few numbers of the greatest golfers were introduced and started playing golf when they were three to five years old, while others begin in getting serious about the game of golf when they were already teenagers.

Moreover many professional golfers recognized that they were good in playing golf when they were playing while in high school, or went with their father playing in the golf course. Some also enjoy playing golf because it’s a type of relaxation as well. It is also a way of socializing with other people and some are using the game for business.

Hence whatever your economic status in life, age, gender, and body condition you can play as long as you have the desire and the interest to play golf. This really puts this game above the others among the Australians because of their inherent inclination to the game.

History of Golf in Australia

It is a known fact that when you started earlier in any endeavour you will have great advantage over your counterparts and you’ll be able to achieve higher success rate. This is a result in reach the learning curve of the undertakings earlier than others.


Grose Farm – Golf course in Sydney in 1839

There are quite a number of claims for the first golf played in Australia; however, there is only one claim with dependable proof. This key source of information of the earliest golf which was introduced in Australia was uncovered from the diary of Alexander Brodie Spark in 1839. This event was played in Grose Farm wherein this place becomes now a part of urban Sydney.

Moreover Spark and his friends established the New South Wales Golf Club on June 1, 1839. However, the club and the golf course at Grose Farm existed only for a short period of time and there is no clear relation with the current NSW Golf Club.

Undoubtedly the first NSW Golf Club and Grose Farm were the first golf club and golf course in Australia. However the oldest surviving club is The Australian Golf Club in Sydney. Its members convened as an informal club in 1882/83 in which the club was officially formed in 1884.

Reasons for Success

It is quite amazing that there are now eight Australian golfers who are ranked in the top 100 of the Official World Golf Rankings. They are Jason Day at No. 9, Adam Scott at No. 11, John Senden at No. 51, Marc Leishman at No. 61, Steven Bowditch at No. 62, Danny Lee at No. 69, Matt Jones at No. 70 and Cameron Smith at 96.

Australian Golfers Jason Day and Adam Scott

In the coming years it is expected that the number of Australian golfers will continue to rise. It is pretty startling to note that a country with a population of 22 million which is fewer than the 26 million golfers in the United States can produce this number of top golfers.

Some people are asking Australians on why they have increasing number of top golfers who are joining the best in the world? Many Australian golfers would state the reasons as follows:

  • Golf is the favourite sport in Australia and is being loved by many people both children and adult.
  • Golf is reasonably priced and golf courses flourish in many places of the country which provide easy public access. Due to the proximity of golf courses many up and coming golfers are greatly encouraged to religiously practice the game.
  • Golf clubs give classes and tutorial for beginners and children to establish their golf playing foundation. This is where learning of golf rules, fundamentals of the equipment, holding a club, focusing and aiming for the target begins.
  • Australia is blessed with a fine weather which promotes a year-round play. This factor also increases the enthusiasm of many people to pick up golf as their past time sport.
  • The inspiration made by Greg Norman, the former world’s famous and No. 1 golfer who made golf sport an attraction to a new generation of aspiring Australian golfers.
  • The establishment of the Australian Institute of Sport in which the government financed the golf training program contributed to their succeess. It was officially established in 1992 and its purpose is to develop and promote cream of the crop talent while removing the financial problem which may have previously held back success.
  • Golf is subsidized mainly from state and local taxes with the Australian Sports giving out money for training, instruction and travel expenses of the golfers.
  • Unlike in the United States where the college system is mainly responsible for the development of the best amateur golfers, the Australian program is planned to discover talented golfers at a young age at about 13 to 14 years old. It also offers a conduit in turning to professional golfers through local, state and national levels.
  • The holding of many golf tournaments in many parts of Australia which provide many golfers the opportunity to be exposed and experienced the game of golf. Usually these tournaments provide them an opportunity for tickets in joining international tournaments.

These are the above reasons on why Australian excels in the game of golf and succeeded in many tournaments abroad.  In spite of their few numbers of golfers as compared with other countries they were able to consistently stay on top of the world rankings.








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